The Execution Clifford Boggess: Movie Analysis

Pages: 8 (2555 words) Published: November 16, 2014

This previous week we watched a film in class called The Execution of Clifford Boggess. In the beginning I believe Clifford Boggess to be a regular individual. Actually Clifford Bogess graduated with honors, was also a talented piano player who played at weddings, and he also went to church faithfully. He was a normal individual that you wouldn’t even expect to commit crimes like these. On June 18th, 1988 a man by the name of Clifford Holt Boggess was born. Clifford Boggess was a lower class Caucasian male. When Boggess committed his first murder he was only twenty one years old. Boggess had been saving money for college until the car that he was driving needed to be replaced. Boggess was an unemployed individual and needed fast cash. Clifford Boggess was rescued from a Georgia Orphanage when he was younger. Clifford was also the youngest of ten children. I feel the mitigating factor in this crime could be that fact of when Clifford Boggess mother was pregnant with him she was still using drugs. She was a frequent alcohol drinker and also abusive drug user. I’m wondering if that could have been a leading cause in the behavior of Clifford Boggess. Clifford Boggess was given up for adoption at a very young age. That could have also been a leading factor to the reasons of this Clifford Boggess crime. While watching the film of Clifford Boggess I found that criminals can really look like as regular people. The crimes which Clifford Holt Boggess was sentenced to death for were double-geronticide. A double geronticide is the killing of two elderly people which Boggess committed. These murders can also be associated with the terms double eldercide or double senilicide. The murder of these two men plus the robbery makes this crime considerably a felony murder. Boggess had planned his whole crime out. Boggess had thought about the incident beforehand and even asked for suggestions on whom, he should rob this makes the crimes which he committed to be planed and premeditated. There are now only twelve states that don’t have the death penalty. Michigan is one of those states and I just thank god. So who is Clifford Boggess? Some view him as an artist, a musician, and even a bible scholar but I believe Clifford Boggess to be a cold blooded killer. Clifford Boggess committed both of his crimes in Saint Jo, Texas. The place where Clifford Boggess spent his years on death row is located in Huntsville, Texas. Clifford Boggess was accused of committing two crimes. I believe this man to be a psychopath simply because of the fact he was surrounded by mental illnesses. His adopted Uncle had already committed a crime and he also had already come from a family dealing with drug abuse. I believe these things could have possibly had a major impact on the causes for Clifford Boggess’s crime. The crimes that Clifford Boggess committed were horrific. Clifford Bogges received his death sentence for the murder of Frank Collier, an 86-year-old Caucasian grocery store owner in Saint Jo. Frank Collier was the first victim of Boggess and also knew him personally. Since he was the owner of the grocery store he would probably be considered a middle class individual who would be expected to have the quick money which Boggess needed. Boggess visited Collier’s store often while growing up and knew that Collier would be an easy target with cash on hand.

Boggess’s second victim was Royce Vance Hazelwood. Royce Hazelwood and Collier had something in common they were both elderly white Caucasian men who assumed to have cash on them. In this second crime however, Boggess did not personally know Hazelwood. He asked his girlfriend for a suggestion on who would have money on them. She suggested to him that Hazelwood would most likely have a good amount of money on hand. In my opinion I believe his girlfriend posed as an accessory to the murder of Hazelwood. However since she did report to the police what Boggess had done and where to find him she did not...
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