The Effect of Technology on Youth

Topics: Teacher, Want, Toy Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: October 14, 2012
"Starting at the cradle and moving on up to the preschool age, American's children are affected greatly by the world of technology." Who taught you to read? Who was your companion in the years before school? Those are memories that will stay with me forever; memories the children of today are missing. Technology has dramatically changed the way American's live, affecting everyone; taking its hardest hits on the young ones. Technology is great in ways, but not everyone sees the declining emotional and social effects it places on the ones who have grown up with it, the children. From toys to computers the children of today have been surrounded by technology, leaving a less then desirable outcome.

When a child plays he no longer has to be accompanied by another child, his toys are advanced enough to fully entertain him. While most parents see this as a great thing, what the child is missing is more important then the time they are satisfied. A child that has always had only a toy and no other child to play with does not develop the skills needed for them to start school. They lack ability to interact with the other children; they have never before had to, for a toy was operating at there every need. In this case technology has hurt, not helped, the child in a case of development. When a child is only given a toy and no other companions they cannot fully function and mature in a healthy way.

The technology of the computer has also caused problems with the children of today. Many kids are very independent due to their complete reliance on the computer to help them play and learn. Computers take place of teachers and therefore children will not rely on a teacher but instead takes comfort in being helped by a machine. Children have lost all trust and confidence in teachers due to the lacking need of them. Again, computers hinder the healthy growth of children by taking them away from their outside play. Many of today's children are becoming obese because of little...
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