The Dual Identity of Immigrants

Pages: 2 (620 words) Published: February 26, 2014

Essay on Dual Identity

While mainstream people have their days of struggles, immigrants and children of immigrants have it even more difficult. For example, immigrants have to overcome the typical stereotypes of being a foreigner, like not knowing English well, being looked down upon, and struggling with social interactions. The immigrants have to balance their dual identities of being accepted as an insider while also sticking to their roots and not turning their back on their homeland, which one would assume are very stressful. In the movie “ The Italian” the antagonist Dino Fabrizzi has the perfect life. He is the number one car salesman at his Maserati dealership, days away from a promotion to General Manager and has a beautiful girlfriend who wants to marry him. But this perfect life is built on a lie, Dino’s real name is Mourad Ben Saoud. Dino begins to fear the truth will come out when he is forced to observe Ramadan after a promise he made to his sick father.

Dino Fabrizzi is a 42 years old car salesman, he’s at a high point in his life – he’s inches away from being promoted to a senior position at the dealership and his beautiful girlfriend of a year, Helene, has every intention of marrying him. Life is perfect for Dino. But this perfect life was built on a lie. His real name is Mourad Ben Saoud. Neither his boss nor his girlfriend – and even less so his parents – are aware of his false identity. In ten days, Ramadan will begin and Mourad, who usually skips it every year, will observe the religious rite to honor a promise made to his sick father. In this movie, the part that I really like is when he went to have dinner with his girlfriend’s parents, he couldn’t eat anything because he is forced to observe Ramadan. When Helene’s mother asked about the recipes of the cake she made, Dino don’t know what to answer. So he stares at the cake. That part is really funny. The part that I don’t like is when he got into jail due to fake...
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