the drunkard

Topics: Alcohol intoxication, Intoxication Pages: 3 (1100 words) Published: December 22, 2013
The Drunkard by Frank O’Connor
“The Drunkard” is, at first glance, a comedy about youth and unintended drunkenness, and a grateful mother. It is also, however, a glimpse into the personalities of the members of a dysfunctional family: egotistical father, demeaned mother and ignored and/or abused child. Think about the story and choose a focus of your essay. It could be humor, family dynamics or the individual characteristics of the father or son. Once you have your theme, consider the points that you will relate to support your idea. Develop the five-paragraph essay BEFORE you write so that you know ‘where you are going’. The Use of Irony and Humor of “The Drunkard “In the story, “The Drunkard” the author Frank O’Connor uses a point of view to primarily reveal humor and irony. In the story, O’Connor uses first person point of view. First person point of view is told through the eyes of the main character in this story. The main character is named Larry. Larry is a young boy who has to go along with his father one day to a funeral. Larry’s father Mick is the person referred to as the “drunkard”. Larry seems to know what will happen when he goes with his father but is hoping that his father might consider his presence and not drink. Since the story is told through little Larry’s eyes and thoughts the reader mainly focuses on how Larry feels about his dad being a drinker. The Irony and humor that is found in human nature is revealed through Larry, first person point of view, and what happens on his outing with his father Mick. Irony, the incongruities between the expected and actual results of events and humor, the quality of being laughably ludicrous are interweaved in this story. In the short story, “The Drunkard” Frank O’Connor uses first person point of view to reveal the humor and irony that is created in this amusing story. Humor is seen many times in the story after Larry and his father Mick reach the bar following the funeral. Larry is thirsty and takes...
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