The Dove and the Crow

Topics: English-language films, Sequoiadendron, Bird Pages: 4 (757 words) Published: October 8, 1999
The Forgiving Dove

A long time ago on the small island of Wanahkie there was a beautiful forest that grew in the

centre of this deserted island. In the middle of this forest stood a tree which was superior to all

the other trees, it was the oldest, and biggest tree in the forest and legend has it that the tree

possessed love, kindness, and knowledge.

The birds of the forest named the tree Joshua. The tree was home to many birds, which

included a dove and a crow. Early every sunrise the dove would awake and begin collecting food

and nesting materials for her babies. As she began to flight and return home everyday, the crow

would step in and steal all her food and materials. The crow was greedy and never awoke to

gather his own for his babies for he was too lazy. The dove would then have to fly back into the

forest search all over again, but all she would find was scraps. The dove made the best of what

she had. Her nest was not the biggest nor the best and the food she had to feed her family left

them craving for more. It didn't matter to her how big her nest was, as long as they were together

as a family she was happy. The crow how ever had the biggest nest and always plenty of food to

feed his family. The crow never worked for anything he had, he always stole from the dove. The

crows big nest and lots of food made him very happy, but his greed kept him from sharing with

the dove. One sad morning the dove had awoke and saw that the sun was not shining for big

black dark clouds were covering it. The dove had a feeling that a terrible storm was approaching,

so she called out to all the birds to seek shelter. The crow began to panic and decided he and his

family would flee from the tree and try to run from the storm. The dove believed the tree's long

branches would shield them from the rain and...
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