The Difference Between My Grandmother and Mother

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14 March 2013
The Difference between my Grandmother and Mother

During my child hood, I had to go live with my grandmother who I consider as my mom. I use to wonder what it will be like if I go stay with my mother. My grandma always told me her rules are not the same as my mom and I am going to wish I had stayed home with her. I thought to myself what will be the difference between them is. Until one day, I decided to go live with my mother to experience the differences. I found out that my grandmother is totally difference then my mother in so many ways like physical appearance, views about life, and their roles of raising children.

If anyone should every meet my grandma or mother, He, or she will see a major difference in these woman. My grandmother always kept here physical appearance up. She was a type of person that always wore dress suits, kept her haircut very short into an afro and made sure we was always well kept dress in nice cloths. My grandmother made sure she maintains a clean home and made us wash the dishes every day. This woman had a strong-minded personality where she would not ask anybody for anything. The lord always came first, she work hard, took care of the bills, and made sure we never was hungry. On the other hand, my mother does not care about how her appearance is. My mother claims she is not trying to impress anyone, but she could have fooled me. Who walks around in short skirts with their butt’s cheek showing, hair sleek down her head and always hollering ha girl do I look good or what? Her home was never clean at all. She always had dirty dishes in the sink and garbage everywhere. My mother did not mind boring money to pay her bills. I wonder where the money went, because the light was always off.

The next main thing that is difference between my mothers’ is their point of views about life. My grandma believes you should always put the lord first in everything you do. Make sure we...
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