the destructors

Topics: Fiction, Short story, Character Pages: 3 (807 words) Published: July 7, 2014
Nieves 1
Vitaly Nieves
Professor Gray
English 28
June 21, 2014
The Destruction and Creation
There are certain acts that can’t be accepted at first until the purpose is revealed. There are two names for the type of fiction and they are literary and commercial fiction. Literary Fiction provides psychological thinking and a general description of the world whereas Commercial Fiction involves entertainment and happy endings. Graham Greene’s “The Destructors” is a short story that shows how internal scars affect the way people develops. The story is dark, but in a sad way. A group of kids find something to do since they enjoy committing minor non harmful crimes. The leader of their gang is Blackie, but it all changes when a new member named Trevor or T comes up with the idea of destroying the house of old misery while Mr. Thomas is gone. The kids demolish the rebuilt home internally that way it’s a surprise. The gang tie up the house to a truck and when the driver of that truck drove away, the house came down as well. T had an opportunity to go inside the house before making the decision they made and he thought it was beautiful. Although both are involved, the story is literary because of character driven, complex characters and the controversial ending. One component that makes it literary is the character driven. During this time, WWII has just finished and there are remainders of homes. The boys are planning their next activity, but fail to come up with anything. A new member named Trevor or T describes how he had the opportunity to go inside old misery’s house and calls it beautiful. For example, T says, “We are

Nieves 2
Going to destroy this house, there won’t be anything left when we’re finished” (51). T is announcing his plans because Mr. Thomas house will be empty during Bank holiday. He wants to destroy the house because it is an outcast to the rest of London. He sees a house that he describes as “beautiful” and then has the idea of destroying it...
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