The Definition of Personality

Topics: Consciousness, Unconscious mind, Mind Pages: 4 (1424 words) Published: January 21, 2013
The fact that everyone has a personality is widely accepted. The definition of personality is not exactly “defined” in terms of being entirely concrete. There are different definitions of personality according to different theorists. Generally, personality is described as general characteristics that are found in individuals that affect behavior. Personality can be associated with several paradoxes, which are contradictory concepts that are inevitable and unable to be escaped. There are numerous paradoxes relative to psychology and personality. Of the six paradoxes given in the syllabus, I believe all of them are very closely related; however, I have turned my focus to two specific paradoxes: conscious versus unconscious determinants of behavior, determinism versus free choice, and their interactions with each other. Also, I learned to link both paradoxes to each other as well as the general topic of personality and individual identity.

Firstly, conscious and unconscious behaviors determinants of behavior are not entirely separate from each other. Each side of the dimension is not entirely balanced by each other; however, they affect each other indefinitely. Also, it is also very important to realize that the word “determinant” tends to be misleading. Neither side of the paradox necessarily determines the other. Conscious versus unconscious determinants of behavior are two sides of the same coin, where awareness and consciousness, or lack thereof, relate to and influence emotions and behaviors. Conscious awareness influences unconscious behaviors and unconscious behaviors influence conscious behaviors. I understand that conscious awareness affects unconscious behaviors by questioning things one does not really understand or even remember doing. Stress that accumulates inside people may manifest itself through their actions while sleeping, which seems to be a very commonly understood state of unconsciousness. Such unconscious behaviors include teeth grinding,...
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