The Decalogue and Perseverance

Topics: Individual, Drug addiction / Pages: 2 (445 words) / Published: Oct 24th, 2011
P. Toro 10/5/2011 Section 181 Topic #2

Perseverance can determine an individual’s success in overcoming a wide array of adversities. For the more successful folks, as well as for those who are more adept at maintaining focus and concentration, this wide array can be summed up into one word, adversity. If necessity is the mother of invention; consequently, adversity is the death of any who are unable to persevere. Perseverance has two definitions. It can be defined as steady persistence in a course of action; moreover, it can also be defined as a continuance in a state of grace to the end, such as obedience to God through the Decalogue. Perseverance is the noblest of necessities acquired to overcome the intricate adversities encountered in life, school and one’s career throughout.

The word life itself can make someone laugh or cry. It can make someone happy or sad. When paired with adversity, one becomes stronger with perseverance. Each obstacle that is overcome enables an individual to be better prepared for the next. Some believe that adversity without perseverance can be a living hell; moreover, drug addiction recovery without perseverance is will most definitely be a living hell.

In school, for example, a student can be faced with attending a class where he is surrounded mostly by hecklers and others who don’t take education seriously. Although there are certain steps a student can take, the best thing would be to persevere throughout and let academics take due course of action. For those, obtaining failure would be a prime example. In persevering through this specific type of challenge, one builds up stamina through tolerance. This is illustrative of what makes a peacefully bonded society.

Perseverance can be an innate character trait that can enable a person to having a successful career. For example, an individual with this trait will have the patience, drive and focus to stay on track when it comes to deadlines

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