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The Culture Differences of Dating Between China and Western Countries

By MouVivien Sep 22, 2013 562 Words

The Culture Differences of Dating Between China and Western Countries

What is the significance of American dating? Often dating means no more than getting to know one another and having some fun.It is often the beginning of a friendship with someone whom you may like but not necessarily marry. Dating is not as serious in America as it is in some countries, but it is important because every person has the freedom to choose his own marriage partner, one with whom he hopes to spend the rest of his life. Dating is one way to accomplish that goal. Where do most Americans go on a typical date? A frequent place to go is the movies. After the movie, going out for bite to eat is usually in order. Finally, the boy takes the girl back home and says good night. That is usually the end of it, at least the first time out with someone. On a first date, some American women prefer to go “Dutch treat”.This means that the girl pays for herself. Because Americans are informal in their dating partners, there is no rule that says the boy always has to pay. Maybe some of you do not agree with this , but some Americans prefer it. In some foreign countries, the boy usually pays all expenses when he takes a girl out, even on the first date. The girl never pays unless it is a special occasion. Then the girl may insist on paying, but only if they have gone out together for quite a while. This is not necessarily so here.In China, when a boy and a girl go out for a date, it is often the boy that pays the expenses. It is the culture difference between China and some Western countries. As a relationship becomes warmer and more intimate, youcan guess that subject is likely to come up. If you were thinking about sex, you are correct. There are many different attitudes about how to handle this question between China and some western countries, even among Americans, they have different ideas. In this area, it is unpredictable how Ameicans approach the question. Some are liberal, some conservative. Some even say one thing and do another. This is a difficult area even for Americans. In China, most people about this question is conservative. This may because of the influence of the tradition Chinese culture. Now,where can you meet people to date? They are almost everywhere:at school, at work, at a club activity, or even at the supermarket.You can be sure you will find someone, unless of course, someone finds you first.In some western countries, people may like to date at bars, while Chinese prefer to date at a restaurant.Chinese people like to talk something while eating. Despite all the difficulties mentioned above , once you have started the relationship, it will be very easy for you to keep it going. You are probably much more experienced in maintaining deep and lasting relationships than your American friend is. If you can succeed in bending their way initially like language, cologne , you will be surprised and delighted to find your friend following you in your way a bit later.

The Culture Differences of Dating Between China and Western Countries


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