The Credit Card & E-Commerce in Chinese Online Game Market

Topics: Payment systems, Electronic commerce, Massively multiplayer online game Pages: 26 (8771 words) Published: November 1, 2008

Title – A case study of the virtual money in MMOG: the impact of Cncard on Chinese EPS & online game industry Purpose –This paper examines’s strategy of introducing a common used prepaid card – Cncard. It will demonstrate the impact of Cncard on the Chinese electronic payment system and online game industry. Design/Methodology/Approach – The paper takes the form of a case study. Findings – To do online business in China, firms need to consider the payment problem because current e-payment system is not reliable and widely applicable. In this paper,, a Chinese online payment company specialized in online game industry, introduced a collective prepaid card Cncard to solve EPS problem. The findings show that Cncard has satisfied consumer needs and implemented the electronic payment system in China especially in the online game industry. In addition, Cncard as a common use prepaid card for online game has also influenced the power structure in the Chinese online game industry and favoured Originality/Value – This research shows that electronic payment system can be a significant barrier as well as an opportunity for the e-commerce firms in China. Therefore, e-commerce firms need to consider and manage their strategies about electronic online payment in order to satisfy customers as well as gain a favourable power position in the e-commerce industry.

Table of Contents

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Introduction -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5 Literature Review ------------------------------------------------------------------------------8 - Chinese Electronic Payment System (EPS) --------------------------------------------9 - Chinese Massive Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) Industry-------------------11 Research Questions --------------------------------------------------------------------------14 Research Methodology-----------------------------------------------------------------------17

- The Case Study Method------------------------------------------------------------------18
- Reasons to Select Case Study-----------------------------------------------------------18
- Research Approach and Data Collection Method-----------------------------------19
- Challenges on Case Study & Methods to Overcome--------------------------------20 Discussion of Findings -----------------------------------------------------------------------21 Part I the Electronic Payment System in China----------------------------------------22 - Current online payment market in China---------------------------------------------22 - Usage of Cncard to Implement EPS – the Virtual Money--------------------------23 - EPS Challenges on Cncard & How Cncard Response-----------------------------24 Part II Massive Multi-players Online Game Industry in China---------------------27 - MMOG & Game Operators in China--------------------------------------------------27 - Game Developers in MMOG-----------------------------------------------------------28 - Online Game Players--------------------------------------------------------------------29 - Distributors in MMOG------------------------------------------------------------------30 Recommendation ----------------------------------------------------------------------------34 Company & Cncard---------------------------------------------------------35
-MMOG industry---------------------------------------------------------------------------36
-E-commerce Companies in China------------------------------------------------------38 Conclusion--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------39 References--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------42 Appendix----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------49

-Appendix 1: Essay Structure...

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