The Creation of Man

Topics: To Kill a Mockingbird, United States bankruptcy law, Harper Lee Pages: 7 (1810 words) Published: March 7, 2014
Chapter 12
1.Why is Jem so ―inconsistent and moody?
He is growing up.
2.Why wasn‘t Dill able to come to Maycomb this summer?
He was with his dad.
3.Describe Calpurnia‘s church. How did the church get its name? It was the first church that a black person bought.
4.How do the people at Cal‘s church treat the children?
They treat them with respect.
5.Why doesn‘t the church have hymn books?
They can’t afford them.
6.Why is the church collecting ten dollars?
Tom Robinson’s wife.
7.Of what is Tom Robinson accused? Why won‘t anyone hire his wife? Rape of Maybella Ewell, because she is the married to Tom
8.Who is Zeebo? What does he do at the church?
The garbage man, related to Calpurnia, he leads them in song. 9.How does Scout feel Calpurnia is different at her own church? She doesn’t talk proper she speaks like the rest of them.

Chapter 13
1.Why has Aunt Alexandra come to Maycomb?
To teach the kids how to become proper Finch.
2.Describe Aunt Alexandra. Besides the fact that she once lived in Maycomb and she knows everyone, why does she fit in so well in Maycomb? 3.
4.Give a brief description of how Maycomb was established. Why are so many people related to each other in some way? 5.Describe the premise of the ―talk Aunt Alexandra makes Atticus have with the children. According to Scout, why does the talk fail? 6.What does this conversation between Atticus and the children reveal about their relationship as a family?

Chapter 14
1.How do the people of Maycomb begin to treat Atticus and the children? 2.What is the premise of the argument between Atticus and Aunt Alexandra? What does Aunt Alexandra suggest? What is Atticus‘s response? 3.Where does Scout find Dill?

4.What does Dill claim is the reason he ran away from home? What is the real reason?

Chapter 15
1.Why do the men come to talk to Atticus at his house?
2.Jem says he‘s ―just got this feeling.‖ What do you think he is worried about? 3.Why do you think all the lights were off at the jailhouse except the one lamp Atticus brought from home? 4.Why is Atticus sitting in the jailhouse?

5.How do the men know that Mr. Tate won‘t be coming to help Atticus? 6.Why do the men tell Atticus to leave? What do they want to do to Tom? 7.Who does Scout recognize? Why do the men finally leave?

8.Who was ―covering‖ Atticus the whole time?
9.How does Atticus show his affection towards Jem?

Chapter 16

1.What does Atticus mean when he says that Mr. Cunningham has ―blind spots? 2.Describe the atmosphere before the trial. Why are the blacks and whites separated? 3.Who is Dolphus Raymond? What do we learn about him and the way he lives his life? 4.Why don‘t the Raymond children fit in?

5.Although Atticus has been appointed to defend Tom, the people of Maycomb are against it. Why? 6.Who helps the kids find a seat in the courtroom? Where do they sit? 7.How is the arrangement of the courtroom then different from modern courtrooms today?

Chapter 17
1.Why does Atticus ask whether anyone called for a doctor? Why is this important? 2.Describe Mayella‘s injuries.
3.Where do the Ewells live? Describe their home and living conditions. 4.Why do you think the Ewells eat squirrel, possum, and rabbit? 5.Summarize Bob Ewell‘s interpretation of the incident.
6.Why does Atticus ask Ewell to write his name?
7.What do you think Jem realizes when he pounds the rail and says, ―We‘ve got him? 8.What does Scout mean when she says, ―I thought Jem was counting his chickens?

Chapter 18
1.Why does Mayella think Atticus is mocking her?
2.What more do we learn about the Ewell family from Atticus‘s cross examination? 3.Describe the ―incident,‖ according to Mayella‘s testimony. 4.What is wrong with Tom Robinson‘s left arm? How did it get this way? 5.Who does Atticus suggest actually beat up Mayella?

Chapter 19
1.Why does Atticus bring up the fact that Tom Robinson had been in trouble before? 2.Who does Tom...
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