The Copper

Topics: Want, Education Pages: 3 (1119 words) Published: March 3, 2012
The Copper
In the text “the Copper” Glenn Gavin tells about his experience and viewpoints 20 months after he joined the Metropolitan Police. In the text are different subjects discussed. Glenn Gavin talks about his upraise inside the family and at school, the role of rules, his choice of carrier, and attitude toward politics. When Gavin was a kid his parents gave him a “guiding kick up the backside every now and then” (p. 1 l. 2). For example when he “came in late” (p. 1 l.3) or if he “was knocking around with the wrong sorts of kids, they’d [his parents] point it out … in no uncertain terms” (p.1 l.3-4). Gavin thinks that without his parents he would probably have gotten into trouble (p. 2 l.13). Gavin also believe that when a person steels they’d get a kick. “Once you start getting a kick out of that sort of thing, you always want a little bit more and a little bit more” (p.2 l. 17-18). To stop the circle these things need to be checked. Preferably “when the kid’s young and his mind is open to influence” (p.2 l.20). According to Gavin a smack around the head is the hardest and most effective punishment a kid at that age can get. The kids fear of getting smacked again if he gets caught stealing will stop him from doing so (p. 2 l. 23). Gavin thinks that the school (the teachers (p.2 l.21) also can prevent kids from becoming criminals. Overall the school has a lot to teach the students outside the classrooms. They get taught how to interact in a society. “At school most of the rules and regulations were there purely to give the younger kids a sense of discipline” (p.2 l.33-34).The kids had to learn to obey rules. That’s important because “when they leave school they’re going to find regulations were they work, they’re going to find laws in the world, they’re going to have to learn to obey things they don’t want to obey” (p. 3 l.44-46). If people don’t learn that they can’t only do what they want to do, they’ll just end up harming others among them (p.3...
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