The Concept of Freedom in Americas during 1600-1750

Topics: Christianity, Religion, Freedom of religion Pages: 3 (891 words) Published: November 11, 2013
Maria Tumanyan
History 117
Ms. Fishman
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The concept of freedom in Americas during 1600-1750 mostly dealt with freedom of religion. Settlers from powerful and prosperous empires immigrated to the New World seeking spiritual freedom and religious toleration, they could not possess in their own countries. Usually once a new colony formed, a new church was built and sponsored by the government. That church was an essential part of the government, the colony, and the people. Other religions than that of the colonies’ established church were almost always outlawed by the government, and those practicing something different from what the particular church taught were often severely punished. Religious freedom barely looked the same in the seventeenth century Maryland. Nevertheless, compared to other parts of the New World, Maryland stood out as a place of moderate religious toleration. Maryland, established in 1632, by Cecilius Calvert was a place created for both Catholics and Protestants to live together. Cecilius Calvert was himself a Catholic and appointed Catholics, as well as, Protestants to the office so that everyone is in power and shared equal rights. In 1640 tensions arose in Maryland as a result of Civil War in England. In order to control those tensions between religious groups, Maryland passed Maryland Act Concerning Religion in 1644. The government protected all who believe in Holy Trinity and basically protected all Christians from being discriminated or mistreated. Those who did not recognize Jesus or the Holy Trinity, disagreed with, or profaned basic Christian beliefs, were punished by death and confiscation of the land of the accused. The document declared “that no person or persons whatever in the Province…professing to believe in Jesus Christ, shall from henceforth be any ways troubled, molested, or discountenanced.”1 Things changed in the world during the eighteenth century and particularly in the colonies. Religion became...
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