The Columbian Biological Exchange

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The Columbian Exchange

Alfred W. Crosby a historian at the University of Texas in Austin created the term The Columbian Exchange in 1972. The term describes the history of the trading from the New World to the Old World. The Columbian Exchange started after Christopher Columbus’ voyage in 1492. It was an exchange of animals, plants, culture, communicable diseases and slaves between the Americas, Europe and Asia. When Christopher Columbus first landed in Hispaniola in 1492 he brought horses and cattle with him. These were the first animals of their kind in the Western Hemisphere. Christopher Columbus was the first to discover maize, sweet potatoes, capsicums (peppers), plantains, pineapples, and turtle meat and took them back with him to Europe. Columbus began the trade routes which had never been established between Europe and the Americas so his voyages initiated the interchange of plants between the Eastern and Western Hemispheres, which doubled the food crop resources available to people on both sides of the Atlantic. The discovery of lands rich in gold, silver, and other treasures prompted the conquistadors to launch expeditions to the Americas, while reports of newly discovered lands abundant in resources, lured many other Europeans to the Americas in search of a new and better life.In later expeditions the Europeans brought over rice, sugar, wheat, and citrus fruits to the Americas. When people first began leaving the Eastern Hemisphere, they took supplies with them to start their new lives in America. Items such as sugar, tea and other supplies were needed that were not available in the new land. Native Americans liked some of these supplies, and they traded items for them....
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