The Coercive Style

Topics: Management, Steve Jobs, Decision making Pages: 1 (315 words) Published: December 2, 2014
According to the Vroom Jago Leadership Model, Steve Jobs was autocratic type 1. His decisions were made completely by him. He made the decision on his own with whatever information was available. Steve Jobs was a perfectionist who craved control and indulged in the uncompromising temperament of an artist. His leadership style was the coercive and autocratic style. The coercive and autocratic style is that leader tell and order the member what they need to do. They need to follow the leader. It is closely controls members. It is motivates by threats and discipline. Leader can make a decision effectively and resolutely. However, staff may become frustrated and resentful. Jobs’ style was uncompromising. Some boss will delegate tasks and build consensus with staff. Jobs did just the opposite. Jobs was not interested in build consensus. He didn't care whether people agreed or disagreed with him. He felt that he was better and cleverer than his employees or even the consumer. Consequently, he insisted on having his way. According to Isaacson (2011) pointed out that Jobs ran Apple by being egotistical and uncompromising. He frequently ranted, threatened and made embarrassing outbursts against his employees and rivals. He even publicly cried sometimes. Therefore, his employees and rivals felt frustrated and resentful. In addition, Jobs was motivated by threats and discipline. He could make a decision effectively and resolutely. For example, Pixar became wildly successful. It was because Jobs' management style was very tenacity and caustic. Jobs pushed its progress along by encouraging and prodding his team in critical and often abrasive ways. He pushed his staff extremely hard, get away from their comfort zones. However, Jobs was good at getting people to work together to accomplish things they didn't believe they could achieve. Moreover, he also developed loyalty from many team members. They just listened and followed Jobs' instruction to do. Jobs made the final...
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