The Charmer Comparing Family Dynamics

Topics: Family, Narrator, Sibling Pages: 3 (1189 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Dawson Ewell 3/19/2013

"Family dynamics is the term used for the way that families communicate and exist together. Every family has a distinct pattern of relating to one another, which can be positive or negative. (Rachel Olivia)." The dynamic is often influenced by certain aspects such as structure, dysfunction, and roles played by each member of the family. Therefore, the family dynamic of the charmer is opposite of the family dynamic of Brother dear.  Beginning with The charmer, Winnifred the narrator in a family of four children. All suffering from the greediness of the only son, Zachary. “I no longer wake up each morning with a hard lump of anger pressing against my chest.”(101) the structure of the family consist of six people, mother father and four children. Zachary being the favorite but the most troubled. If you look at teens today in our society, often the most troubled come from what most people consider a good family. In the novel Brother Dear, Greg is the main character, struggling to gain acceptance from their father. Greg struggles because he refuses to follow the dreams of his own father, as the text states “Dad says he’s got no drive, no ambition. He's not stupid, but his marks are crap. I think he went into law just because Dennis did and Dad hasn’t stopped cheering” (Brother Dear 26) but he is constantly reminded that he should be more like is older brother. As Winnifred longs to be like her older brother in The Charmer,  “Zachary has such an exotic ring to it, and when all his friends took to calling him Zack, it was like he was a movie star or a tv hero or something” (101 The Charmer). The whole family suffers from the actions of Zachery, and the way he is undisciplined, as the text states “Zack lied over trifles, and periodically stole money out of wallets that were left lying around. He started smoking at thirteen, and was into the liqueur cabinet by fourteen. At sixteen he smashed...
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