The Causes of Flood

Topics: Flood, Causality, Weather Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: March 22, 2011
The Causes of Flood

Disaster is a natural or man-made phenomenon that has causes many human deaths, damage houses and crops, and cause extensive destruction. Flood is one of the disasters that always happen in the world including in Malaysia. Many causes can contribute to flood happen. Although there are various causes of flood, these are the three major factors that can make it become more destructive which are the extreme weather pattern at certain location of the place, human activities and the failure of the technology.

The one causes of flood is the extreme weather pattern at certain location of the place. For example, several districts in the states of Pahang and Johor have been hit by floods and it is caused by tremendous weather pattern (Mu Xuequan 2011). According to Nelson (2010), the amount and time over which rainfall occurs is not fixed for any given region and when the water in river start overflowing due to heavy rain falls, floods occurs (Fields, 2011). At certain location such as Perlis, The Meteorological Department has confirmed a dangerous situation following intermittent and heavy rain which has caused many low-lying areas to be up to two meters in water. (Povera and Singh 2010). This situation happen because the amount of water is flowing into one area is greater than the capacity of the system to hold it within natural limits (Nelson, 2010). At other country which is built near the coastal area, coastal flood always happen. This happen because continuous and fast melting snows at the poles occur due to global warming have raises the level of oceanic water (Lindell, 2011).

Next, another cause of flood is from human activities such as lodging and urbanization. Bustar (2010) has said that improper of lodging and environmental management can cause environment can’t stand to disaster like flood and The United Nations (2000) also agreed that the deforestation may be one of the principal causes of the most severe floods...
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