The case of Jamie Bulger

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Section one:
12th of February 1993- The day Jamie Bulger was murdered.

Section two:
18th of February 1993- The day of the arrest

12th February 1993- The day Jamie Bulger was murdered

On the 12th of February, Jamie Bulger (aged two) was waiting outside a store in the New Strand Shopping Centre. He was in the shopping centre accompanied by his mother, the reason why he waiting outside the store and not with his mother is still unknown and can’t be said in this report due to rumour. In another part of Liverpool near to the New Strand shopping centre, two ten year old were seen by several eye witnesses stealing paint, a troll doll, batteries and a can of paint from different stores in the area. The two boys took the short walk to the New Strand Shopping Centre, they were spotted by eye witnesses looking at children that they could use as targets. At 3:40pm, Denise Bulger (Jamie’s mother who accompanied Jamie to the shopping centre that day) realised that Jamie had disappeared. She franticly shouted in the shop that her son was missing. At 3:42pm CCTV captured a small boy and a slightly taller boy, we now know this to be Jamie Bulger and Jon Venables, holding hands whilst walking out the New Strand Shopping Centre. Sweets and the troll doll that both Jon and Robert stole earlier were used to bribe Jamie into coming with them. Both Jon and Robert took Jamie on a 2.5 mile walk to the Leeds Liverpool Canal where they picked Jamie up and dropped him on his head. This is when Jamie first sustained facial injuries. The boys were seen by 38 witnesses, which later came to testify against them in court, whilst they were walking across Liverpool. Jamie was crying and had a bump on his forehead, however the eye witnesses involved didn’t approach Jon and Robert assuming that Jamie was there little brother. Jon and Robert then escorted Jamie to the village of Walton, they led him up a steep banking onto Walton Train lines. This is where the murder and torture of Jamie took place. The boys started by punching and kicking Jamie in the face, body and groin. They also stomped on him whilst Jamie laid in a pool of blood. Experts believed that Jamie would have been dead or close to death at this point, never the less the boys carried on with their torturing of Jamie. Batteries was inserted into Jamie’s mouth and anus, before the boys chucked stones, rocks, iron bars and paint which they stole earlier from the stores into Jamie’s face. There also other sexual elements to the assault as Jamie was found stripped down to only his vest and foreskin was removed off of the victim. There also shows signs of torture to Jamie testicles. The final stage in the torture was when Jon started hitting Jamie’s head against the steel rail tracks. Experts believe at this point Jamie was dead. Altogether Jamie sustained 42 different injuries to different parts of his body. After this Jon and Robert put Jamie’s against the steel tracks, whilst putting stones and rubble over the body so it didn’t look recognisable to passes by. It later came out in court that Jon and Robert did this because the train would run over the body and make it look like an accident. The boys fled the scene leaving Jamie on Walton train line. 2 days later, Jamie’s body was found by police cut in half on the banking of Walton Train Lines.

18th of February 1993- Jon Venables and Robert Thompson are arrested After Jamie Bulger’s body was found on 14th of February 1993 on Walton Train Lines, the police then started to look for the person or people who was involved in Jamie’s murder. After speaking to Jamie’s mother, the police knew that Jamie must have been taken from the New Strand Shopping Centre by the murderers. Police checked the CCTV footage and the footage of Jon Venables (at this stage not known by the police) guiding young Jamie away. Police was still in disbelief that a boy at such a young age could have...
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