Topics: The Canterville Ghost, Fiction, Sarcasm Pages: 1 (272 words) Published: October 18, 2014

1. How does Washington react when Mrs. Ummney says that the mysterious stain can’t be removed? 2. What is Mr. Otis’ reaction when he encounters the ghost and tells the ghost to oil its chains? 3. Why is the setting a huge, many roomed house?

4. What is the author’s tone when it says that a ghost has duties? 5. What is the main conflict in the story?
6. Based on their actions, how would you characterize the twins? 7. Describe Virginia.
8. Do you consider the Canterville Ghost a creative spirit?Why? 9. Give some examples of sarcasm or irony in the Canterville Ghost. 10. What is the climax of the story?
11. What is the puzzle in the story?
12. Define mystery.
13. What is the main clue that can solve the mystery?
14. Why isn’t the Canterville Ghost a traditional mystery story? 15. Define forshadowing.
16. Give a detail from the story that foreshadows that the stain was fake. 17. What event is Lord Canterville foreshadowing when he says that the ghost always appears before the death of a family member? 18. Identify two instances in which the author seems to be foreshadowing a terrible event that never takes place or ends up as a humourous encounter. 19. How does O. Wilde use frshadowing in a non traditional way? 20. Define a flashback.

21. Define a theme?
22. What is the theme in the Canterville Ghost?
23. Is the theme implied or explicit?
24. How do Virginia’s actions reinforce the theme?
25. What is a minor theme in the story?
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