The Canterburry Tales Characters

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The Canterbury Tales: Prologue Character description

Knight, Squire, Prioress, Monk, Friar, Wife of Bath, Miller, and Pardoner

The Knight – He is characterized as a very noble, brave, and benevolent leader and inherently represents a medieval knight in image as he has fought in the crusades trying to spread Christianity to foreign nations. You can easily deduce that he is of a high standing from the imagery of him leading the procession during the Prologue. The knight is dressed in course cloth and rusted chain mail armor. Chaucer introduces the knight as the first pilgrim and the narrator of the first tale.

The Monk- He is a very loud man who is fond of venery (hunting). In contrast with other middle age monks however, he holds little about devoting his life to prayer and the spread of Christianity. He is characteristically clad in hunting gear, accompanied by greyhounds and off a healthy complexion.

The Friar – Chaucer introduces him as being undisciplined and merry. He was dignified and noble, and well loved by men all over his part of the country. The friar hands out penance easily, as long as he knows he may be repaid. He is depicted as being flirtatious, strong as a champion and a drinker. He also disregards the poor

Wife of Bath – She lives near the avon River in the town of bath. She is partially deaf, and a seamstress out of occupation. She has a gap tooth which is considered to be very attractive and likeable in their time. She is also depicted as having ample hips and sharp spurs. In the company of others she is labeled as a gossip and very light hearted.

The Squire – He is the knights son, and is depicted as being good looking with curly hair, energetic, flirtatious and a dancer. He is depicted as a Roman Statue, with average height and great strength. He is dressed is colorful and embroidered with flowers and he is a dancer, writer and singer.

The Miller - He is a stout fellow with a brawny and large boned body structure. He...
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