The Broken Chain

One of the main conflicts in the film Broken Chain is the possession of land and resources. It has been the root of all conflicts since Europeans arrived in the New World. The British used Native Americans to their advantages in order to drive the French out of America so they can control majority of the land. The film also symbolizes a conflict between two Mohawk brothers, Thayendanega and Lohaheo. These blood brothers were warriors who helped the British fight the French in the duel for North America. As time went on and the colonies started to rebel against the crown, Thayendanega teamed up with British and led many bloody battles around the New York and Pennsylvania area; but his brother Lohaheo, who was also a great leader with his own beliefs knew the consequences of taking sides in the revolutionary war and wanted to keep his tribe neutral in hopes of saving lives and the union of the six nations. Thayendanega as a young warrior was sent to an English school by Sir William Johnson, an Englishman who admired the Iroquois, who probably inspired him to trust and partner up with the crown against the rebellious American colonists. His brother Lohaheo feared the war would threaten the future existence of his people. He focused on the best interest of the confederacy, which was to keep it together and save the land of the Native American tribes during the war. In the conflict between the brothers, Lohaheo had a reasonable argument to stay neutral instead of choosing sides between the British and the Colonists because he understood the potential of facing an uncertain future and the struggle to keep a way of life. Eventually, the Colonists won the war, and made sure they came after Native American tribes who formed an allegiance with the British. Thayendanega, who didn’t expect the Colonists to come on top, overlooked the possibility of an uncertain future. In result, he was forced to lose everything he has ever worked for and flee to Canada. Europeans

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