The Bizzare School

Topics: Allergy, Ruins, Barracuda Pages: 1 (351 words) Published: January 17, 2013
The Bizarre School
By: Isha Fidai

For the first time in our part of Tennessee, my school, Bizarre Elementary, is having a centennial to celebrate it’s 100th year anniversary. Everyone in school is overwhelmed because they want perfection. My music teacher, Mr. Hudgins is getting on to everyone if they do not make perfect staccato music. The school janitor is cleaning the windows, so there is a horrid smell coming from the ammonia cleaner he is using, which is making me feel quizzical about how the window spray can be so smelly – I don’t understand! I feel embarrassed because I misspelled “bizarre” on our Bizarre Elementary centennial banner. Everything is going wrong! Our mascot’s new Barracuda costume (Go, Barracudas!) came in a cellophane wrapper. Our mascot is allergic to cellophane, so he threw up inside the costume, and now the ammonia scent and the barf scent combined and created a gas bomb that made everyone in the school woozy.

To make things even worse, the freight train that was delivering all of our school centennial decorations, didn’t arrive on time! Our school society was trying to be as efficient as possible, but in all the rush that couldn’t be done. Everyone in the school were trying to finish as fast as they could, except for the first graders who were so full of mischief, all they achieved was ruining things even more!

Mr. Hudgins, our perfectionist music teacher, was so annoyed by the smell from the ammonia cleaner that he pushed our school janitor into our 5-foot tall centennial cake shaped like sleigh. Our poor janitor was stuck in the cake and had to eat his way out. Unfortunately he ate so much cake that his egg allergy acted up and caused him to fart explosively. The janitor’s giant fart blew up the cake, and pieces of it flew all over the entire student body, destroying their decorations and blowing out all the gym windows. Our centennial celebration was ruined, and Mr. Hudgins had to live with his rash act on his conscience for...
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