The Best Things In Life Aren T Things J

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The Best Things In Life Aren’t Things - John C. Maxwell

This statement about 8 or 9 months ago, when I saw it, it really grabbed me. You know how something just, you know, when you see it, it really just kind of causes you to mentally stand at attention…when I saw this statement, ‘the best things in life are not things,’ I thought, how true it really is. And I want to just kind of talk to you about balance and perspective this morning in the issue of materialism and also to our Injoy Life listeners.

I have two books that I want to share with your staff that I think are really excellent books. I’ve read both of them in the last couple of months. One is entitled, Real Prosperity, by gene Gets. Biblical principles of material positions. If you’ve ever read anything about Gene Gets or read any of his books, and I think I’ve read almost all of them, and I consider him to be an excellent writer. Gene always does a good job biblically pulling a lot of material together. Whenever you read a book by Gene Gets, he’s really done a lot of work as far as biblical foundation and this true in real prosperity. He has several chapters in there that kind of gives us a biblical perspective.

Then another book that I’m really excited about and in fact, Barbara my secretary had put me on this one…and its by Patrick Morley who wrote as you know, the book for men, Man in the Mirror, which is kind of hit the country by storm in the last few months. I’ve read that one and I’ve read this one and I think this one is better. This one is entitled, I Surrender. Submitting to Christ in the details of life. I’m here to tell you, this is an outstanding book on lordship and consecration. And I really, thoroughly have enjoyed both of those books and the reason I share with you those books, is because, some of the material I’m going to give you today is out of those books, but importantly, I think what I’m going to share with you today, if you go pick up those two books, it will really enhance this lesson. So I just really, strongly encourage you, I think that both of those books you’ll find to be a real blessing to you.

Let’s get started…managing editor of Money Magazine, summing up a study that his magazine did concluded that money has become the number one obsession of Americans. Money has become the new sex in this country. Newsweek magazine has described Americans as having achieved a plan of a consciously, a plane of consciousness, called ‘transcendental acquisition.’ TV and advertising convinces us that we need it all and a MasterCard promises that we can have it all. Every one of you in San Diego on, seen it on bumper sticker many times the one who dies with the most toys wins. And that I suppose as blatant as any as far as what materialism will do to us. Webster defines materialism as a pre occupation with tendency to seek after or stress material rather than spiritual things. One more dictionary, and that is a definition of person who cares too much for the things of this world and neglects the spiritual things. Well, Jesus said it, said beware and be on your guard against every form of greed. For not even when one has an abundance does his life consist of his positions.

Let me share with you today as I wrote this lesson I basically wrote down several truths about things as I think about them. And I think you’ll relate to them today. The first truth about things is that we all struggle with materialism. I believe that’s true with every person in this room. I think we all struggle with materialism. I think sometimes we think that this is an issue of people that have a lot. But I don’t think that its an issue of people that have a lot at all. In fact, I think the poor struggle with materialism because they ask the question, why don’t I have enough? And I think the rich struggle with materialism because they ask the question, how much is enough? And I so I don’t think it’s a rich/poor issue. I think its an...
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