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Yes, We Remember
By: John Kent

n Normandy's green fields
where the hedgerows still run
and the sands on the beaches
lie quiet as air;
on the bluffs stand the cross
and the star white and pure;
the flag of our fathers
flies high in the wind.
The battlefields calling
are seen by a few
who have traveled so far,
to set down their memories
for buddies they've loved.
And each waning day,
as the sea mourns alone,
the soft sound of Taps
flows over the fields,
saying yes, we remember,
the brave deeds you've done,
we remember your faces eternally


The poem is about World war two. During the war the Americans invaded Normandy France to help all the opposing forces against the Nazi Germans. This day is commonly known as D day. The poem is portraying how all of the soldiers went out on the beaches of Normandy and fought for what was right. That the battles are seen by few, and that we will remember all who served, now alive or dead.

Personal Connection

I chose this poem because my dad is very relatable to the war considering he was in it. My dad joined the army when he was 20 years old in 1939. My father was in the army for a long time as many things. My dad has received many medals from the war. The poem connects me and my dad because he tells me all of his amazing stories of when he was in the war. This isn’t the best kind of experience like nothing else. When he tells me these stories I really feel connected to my dad like a bond.

My Cycle, My Self
By: Debbie Scharibone

I soar away into speed's breeze,
the engine's power
between my knees.

The throttle trembles in my hand-
at my control,
at my command!

In the droning rumble
of the motor's sound
my problems, troubles
and cares are drowned.

Nothing keeps me
from the sky,
and I can ride
where eagles fly!

I dig my heels
into the pegs;
tune every muscle
'till my legs are synchronized

With my machine,
to feel the curves
and with it leans,
to live the thrills
of sudden hills,
the heart-quickening
panic of would-be spills.

Don't call me back
to earth again
where I must walk
like other men.


The poem is about the experience of driving a motor cycle. It describes the average person riding there bike and living free. The poem is there to show that you control your bike it does whatever you want and just soar like and eagle. It also shows that when you’re driving a motorcycle it’s such a rush and you just never want to stop it keeps your heart beating to its fullest extent.

Personal Connection

I choose this poem because at 12 my dad learned to ride a motorcycle and has rid it ever since. He rode it as a teen, throughout the war, and years after, even now, how many 93 year olds do you know that ride motorcycle? This poem connects to me because my dad because he taught me how to ride a bicycle which is different, but later on, when I was 13, I got a moped which he gave me tips on how to drive. This really connects us like father like son.

By: Violet Creek

Family is supposed to have your back,
Family is supposed to know you,
There are supposed to be no secrets with family,
There are supposed to be no lies with family,
Family is supposed to love each other unconditionally,
Family is supposed to be there for you,
There is supposed to be understanding in a family,
There is supposed to be trust in a family,
Family is supposed to be there for you,
Family is supposed to understand.


The poem is about the meaning of family and its responsibilities. How all family should have your back, to never lie, to always be there for you, to understand and much more. It shows the importance of family and what is means to be a true family. Its meaning is the reason we have family.

Personal Connection

I chose this poem because family means the world to my dad and he loves and cares for all of his...
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