The Benefits of the Statehood for Puerto Rico

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Benefits of the statehood for Puerto Rico

The intention of this essay is to demonstrate to a vision rational, concordant political leader to the Puerto Rican, American and worldwide reality. It responds to the necessity that to the statehood it is necessary to imagine it and to expose it with all the evidence available, since many Puerto Ricans, including many political leaders, do not know like defending it or exposing it before the peculiar ones or our adversaries.

Puerto Rico is smallest and Eastern of the Greater Antilles. The north of Venezuela has left approximately to 500 miles, 80 miles to the east of the Spanish, and to 1.200 miles to the Southeastern of the city of Miami, in the North American state of Florida. The U.S.A. annexed to Puerto Rico to the closing of the Hispano-American War, in 1898. Within the American constitutional system, Puerto Rico is considered a "territory organized, not incorporated." This adjustment, formulated by the Supreme Court of the U.S.A. in a series of opinions known like the Insulars Decisions there by year 1903, treats to Puerto Rico like a foreign property of the U.S.A. in terms of internal relations, but like part of the North American national territory before the international law.

In order to complicate the things, like not-incorporated territory, Puerto Rico never it was put in automatic route towards a possible statehood since it they have been all the other incorporated territories, as it they have not either been the other not-incorporated territories of Guam, the Virgin Islands and the Marianas Islands of the North. Confused contradictory and, the situation have been evolving gradually to one of gradual integration of Puerto Rico with the U.S.A. The legal and constitutional evolution of the law and precedents that has been accumulated through the years from the promulgation of the Insulars Decisions have tended to treat to Puerto Rico more and more like a state federated in very many areas of their political and economic subjects, except in the most important subject of their last sovereignty.

Why he would be to him advantageous to the U.S.A. to admit to Puerto Rico like state? A political reason - the American generation founding, who underwent in own meat the colonial humiliation, never contemplated that his newborn Republic it became a colonial power. The one is implicit in the American Constitution that all territory acquired by the U.S.A. is directed to a possible statehood. As much status of Puerto Rico as the one of the other not-incorporate territories is aberrations that, in my educated opinion, violate the original intentions of the founders of the U.S.A. and their Constitution.

An economic reason - Puerto Rico is a drain of money of the American contributors. Even like independent nation, and according to the plans of such independence's believers, Puerto Rico it would continue absorbing of the teat of the American Treasure by more than 10 years. If Puerto Rico were been, that unilateral movement of money would stop immediately. The tax burden of Puerto Rico, although small in the beginning, will grow gradually in proportion to its complete integration to the national economy and while it develops his maximum potential. In case that outside little, in this era of increasing globalization and interdependence, Puerto Rico would per excellence, continue being the axis of communication between the north Anglophone and the Spanish-speaking south. Simply it makes sense enterprise make of Puerto Rico a state.

A moral reason - the United States cannot support plus the being seen like a colonial power. This country loses moral force before the world whenever it defends the self-determination of others but it fails in providing it in his patio. Making of Puerto Rico a state the United States invalid that argument.

Presidential vote - Under the statehood we will have the power to vote by the President and Vice-president of the United States of...
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