The Battle Beowulf vs Perseus

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The battle of Beowulf VS Perseus
An epic is a long narrative poem that celebrates a hero's deeds. Epics came into existance as spoken words and poets retold them from one generation to the next. All epics concern the actions of a hero. The hero, known as a legendary figure who performs deeds requiring incredible courage and strength. The hero embodies character traits that reflect lofty ideals. Beowulf and Perseus fit into these categories because they both show traits of courage. They also show strengths by battling the evil. The story of Beowulf and the story of Perseus are comparable because they share similar hero traits, and the challanges they face are alike.

There are many similaritites between both Beowulf and Perseus. For instance, the two of them are both males. They each have characteristics of strong individuals for example, Beowulf came to help protect his people by battling Grendel and his mother. As for Perseus, he also came to protect his people by setting out to fight the many creatures he came upon. They each have the special ability to set out and fight, to help protect their people. Therefore, that makes both Beowulf and Perseus similar.

Both Beowulf and Perseus set out to defeat evil and both overcome it. The two men had set out to kill someone. On Beowulf's journey to defeat Grendel's mother he also ended up killing Grendel. Perseus on the other hand set out on his journey to fight for his love Andromeda. On his journey he ended up defeating the Stygian Witches, Dioskilos, Medusa, Scorpions, and Calibos, as well as Kraken. Both heroes set out to battle to help protect their people.

The story of Beowulf and the story of Perseus have many major differences. For starters, Beowulf had been fighting for his own, Herot. During his last battle after defeating Grendel's mother, Beowulf had died battling the dragon. As for Perseus, he was fighting for the love of his life. After his long journey of battling all the creatures, Perseus had...
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