The American Dream

Topics: Unemployment, Federal government of the United States, Social Security Pages: 3 (1054 words) Published: February 19, 2002
"The American Dream"

The American Dream is the idea for any person, no matter race, color, or creed to become wealthy in a society by hard work and dedication. The idea starts when you're a child if you see your parents working and earning a living. The idea absorbs in the child's head to do good in life, so he can succeed and do the same things as them. It all starts when you are 22 coming out of college. During those four years of college you choice your career and hopefully adept to it. After you graduate the job hunt begins with hundreds of people competing for the same spot and you hope that your number one so you can get the job. If you're lucky enough to get the position you have to work hard to adapt to the condition of working, and do good enough to keep the job. Hopefully after hard work for a few years you meet a girl and marry and start a family, and your life goes on.

Why? Has the freedom to choose and freedom from want disappeared? Is the American Dream, equality of opportunity, comfort, and success, gone for the new generation. Recent pieces in the news media label this "Generation X" or the "Twenty-something Generation."(Issue One: Historical Economic Forces, pg. 32.) I agree and disagree with the statement. There are many good things going for this generation. One example is that the students are being more educated, they are learning from computers and TV's, not only from the teacher. Slightly more than 23% of this twenty-something Generation has completed 4 years of college. We have enormous knowledge and power in which we have not even started to use. This American Dream is as much ours as any other generation. It is a potent and long standing part of our nation's secular faith. Chasing "the Dream" is an act of devotion that all people, regardless of their sectarian beliefs can perform.( Issue One: Historical Economic Forces, pg. 32.(Cohen 6-8)

One key issue that is declining the development of the United States is...
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