The Adventure of a Lifetime

Topics: Fear, Ghost, Running Pages: 2 (673 words) Published: November 28, 2005
The Adventure of a Lifetime

As we walked down the long, narrow corridor, we thought for sure none of us were going to make it out alive. Every step that was taken involved us looking over our shoulders. Frightened out of our minds, we could think of nothing better than to run. This adventure of visiting a haunted house turned out to become a horror film. This was never supposed to happen. We were only kids looking for a little scare. We never thought we would be running for our lives. Our adventure began in the small town of Augusta, KS with all of us around the age of sixteen. Myself and my good friend Brett had nothing better to do than go over to the famous Bob household. Bob was the greatest person to hang out with as well as his sister Rachael. Rachael had always come up with the best ideas including visiting a ghostly house. Even the thought of going there made us all shudder. Finally our boredom of the day had been released. The place had been set to investigate. We would all meet back at Bob's as the sun was setting. The darkness of the night would give this expedition even more suspense. This was going to be a trip of a lifetime, or so we thought. Brett decided that he would drive because he had the biggest car out of all of us. Rachael and I sat in the backseat and discussed how much fun we would have if we tried to scare the boys. "One way or another, we have to get them before they get us," she whispered to me. I didn't know whether to respond or just ignore that comment but I just nodded and smiled back acknowledging the remark. The tension increased in the car as we inched closer to the abandoned home. With the dead trees and broken windows, the house seemed almost as if it were sad. We all climbed out of the car shuddering with fear. Brett, being the brave one, gave the front door a slight shove as we all huddled around him. The door creaked open and we all stepped inside not knowing what was waiting for us on the inside. In front of us lay a...
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