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Test Progress

By uassem Nov 27, 2014 525 Words
Progress Test 2
I. Reading
Read the text only once. Choose the right answer.
In primary school a child’s life is simple. Children form a close relationship with one familiar teacher. On entering secondary school a new more difficult world opens up. Pupils soon learn to be less free in the way they speak to teachers and even to their classmates. They begin to lose the free and easy ways of primary school. As teachers of different subjects see hundreds of children in a week, a pupil may be able to form close relationships with fewer teachers. He has to decide which adults are friendly and easy to talk to. Children see a lot of movement, a greater number of people and realize that more and more choice, decisions must be made. And this choice and decisions will grow as they progress through school. The school expects pupils to take the first steps to get the help they need. The opportunities for personal and group advice must be presented in a way which makes them easy to understand. 1. According to the text one of the problems for pupils in secondary schools is… a. they are taught by many different teachers.

b. the teachers prefer to work with brighter pupils.
c. the teachers do not want to be friendly with them.
2. According to the text in secondary schools pupils should… a. be free from the pressure of academic work.
b. know whom and how ask for help.
c. be able to discuss their problems in class.
3. According to the text in secondary schools pupils should be prepared… a. to make friends with many people.
b. to present their problems in an easy way.
c. to make decisions on their own.

II. Vocabulary
Choose the right word.
1. I’m well- qualified and have completed a ____ in graphic design. a. curriculum
b. course
c. lesson
2. We would like details of your ____ on this form.
a. qualifications
b. motivation
c. career
3. Mr. Brown is a lecturer at the local _____.
a. infant school
b. secondary school
c. university
4. In some schools ____ is so high.
a. price
b. fee
c. payment
5. When people choose a school they are mainly interested in ____. a. a certificate
b. exams
c. facilities
6. Young people often don’t like their school____.
a. timetable
b. uniform
c. break
7. In Uniform is _____ in British schools.
a. Compulsory
b. Competitive
c. Reasonable
1. It ____ quicker if you ____ a computer.
a. is, will use
b. will be, use
c. will be, will use
2. If I had some money, I ____ get a big flat.
a. will
b. must
c. would
3. If I _____ his address, I would go round and see him
a. know
b. knew
c. will know
4. Where ____ you ____ if you need to buy a picture?
a. will go
b. did go
c. are going
5. _____ the film finishes, I’ll immediately go home.
a. If
b. When
c. Before
6. You can look _____ in a dictionary if you don’t know what it means. a. down
b. out
c. up
7. They phoned that my wife was taken ill. I had to put ____ the meeting. a. off
b. out
c. up

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