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Morgan Smith
AP United States History
Mr. Howard/ B Channel
29 October 2012
George Washington’s Lasting Effect on The United States
The lifestyle in early America was not easy for any American; non-stop tension between European countries and early America did not make anything easy for the infantile country. What the new country needed was a leader that could lead America to a successful future and finally cut ties with their mother country, Great Britain. This leader would soon be George Washington, a beloved man and a key player in the American Revolution. Washington led the Continental Army in a victory over the most powerful nation in the world at that time, and seeing this victory made electing him as the first president of The United States of America an easy choice. George Washington’s time office has forever changed the history of America with his influential presidency. He created a comfortable base of government that has lasted for hundreds of years, kept America peaceful in at an essential time and successfully established and enforced laws.

Coming into office George Washington knew that the best results could not be achieved over night; he did not expect everything to work out in the first couple months, he knew it would take years to fix this dysfunctional country (Flexner, 548). What George Washington did in office during the time of his presidency has impacted the way America has functioned for over 200 years now. On the agenda was talk about strengthening the country and the Washington’s cabinet. The confederation government was not a well-functioning government. The powers were inadequate to maintain respect for American shippers and merchants overseas, to protect

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the frontier against attacks by British fur trading and plundering Indians, or to restrain the states from engaging in economic retaliation against each other (Freidel, 17). In order for the United States to be successful Washington...
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