Terence, This Is Stupid Stuff: Paraphrase

Pages: 1 (367 words) Published: January 14, 2011
Paraphrase of “Terrance, This Is Stupid Stuff”
“Terrance, your poetry is sad and depressing. Instead of dwelling on situations that you cannot change, let’s go get a drink. Your sad poetry causes young men to have stomach aches; furthermore, your friends are tired of listening to them. Stop living in this depressing world of poetry and come dance with us.” Terrance answers by saying that drinking and dancing may be more fun than dull poetry; however, drinking is only used to blur out reality for those that find it to difficult to handle real life issues. Alcohol provides a temporary escape from life’s problems; however, this happiness can be false and short lived. I went to the fair, got drunk, and passed out; as a result, I don’t remember how I made it home. People must be realistic and prepare for the ills of the world. Once an individual wakes up, they will find the same problem awaiting them; as a result, they will want to start drinking once again to forget the same problem that still remains once they become sober. Since there can be more bad in life than good, there is no use in blocking out what is negative. Instead, one should embrace life's sorrow and prepare for it in one's own life. The best way to live life is to see things realistically and prepare for the worse. Although my poetry doesn’t bring immediate relief like alcohol does, it brings more healing to the soul. Instead of living life in a constant state of drunkenness, learn to be happy and enjoy life. Once an individual learns to enjoy life, they will be able to withstand the bitter moments as a strong person. King Mithridates prepared for the worse; however, he ended up living a long life because of what he prepared himself for. He was given a cup of poisonous white crystalline alkaloid and feed a highly poisonous metallic element by his servants. King Mithridates built up an immunity to poison little by little; as a result, he survived the poisonous dinner. Even though King Mithridates...
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