Teorethical Framework of My Research

Topics: Want, Interpersonal relationship, Marriage Pages: 2 (385 words) Published: February 11, 2013
orethical frameworkTheoretical Framework
Early love affair or teenage love is a certain stage in our life when we think that everyone seems to want love. Teenagers are not yet mature enough to handle the whole thing that real relationship requires. Teenage love distracts teenagers from fulfilling their responsibilities in school. (T8 ,2011) A research conducted by nancy Kalish, Ph.D postulates that our childhood friends and teenage sweethearts experienced with us all the wonderful, horrible, boring and embarrassing moments that helped to make us who we are today. Their study found that these compelling connections are the result of shared roots during the formulative years.In her survey of 1600 people, ages 18 to 92, 56% of the participants said they would not want to go back to their first loves, 19% said they’re not sure, but 25% said they would. She also stated that teenage love or young love, first love is a real love and it does not come along every ten minutes. For some it may come only once in a lifetime (Nancy Kalish Ph.D., 2010) Joel Savage states(2011) that teenage love affair leads to much separation and divorce. He states that much separation and divorces that are happening each day in our societies today, much are caused by early love affairs as teenagers. It also leads to broken relationship because they are not prepared for the relationship. (wiki.answers.com/Q/why_does_early love_affair_leads_to_broken_relationship) He conclude that the dignity and the worthiness of the woman have keen neglected by man. Therefore it is always the man that causes the breakup because he wants something new. That is why teenagers need to study and know each other very well before entering into relations or love affairs. (Joel Savage, 2011)

Conceptual framework

Input Process Output 1.essays about 1. Forming a...
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