Tennesse Williams Vs Sallinger

Topics: Truth Pages: 3 (1174 words) Published: October 21, 2001
THE WORKS OF WILLIAMS VS SALINGER Often in literature, authors will imitate existent works. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, this is definitely the case when one discusses the works of Tennessee Williams and J.D. Salinger. However, the similarities are most evident in each authors' characters. One can say that Blanche Dubois from A Streetcar Named Desire parallels Holden Caulfield from Catcher in the Rye the most because both characters believe in falsehoods and lie throughout the two books, both use a material element to hide from the world and escape into these falsehoods, and each suffer mental breakdowns at the end of the book when they are forced to realize the truth.

Throughout CITR (Catcher in the Rye), Holden Caulfield makes himself believe the world is full of phonies and that he is the only one that is truly "real."� Holden uses this excuse to justify the fact that he cannot make friends when he says to the reader on many occasions that he doesn't want to be friends with any followers or phonies. Also Caulfield uses phony as an excuse when he can't get girls to go out with him. He forces himself to believe that there is nothing wrong with him but rather things wrong with everybody else. Holden cannot come to grips with the fact that he doesn't like anything not because its too phony for him, but simply because he really doesn't fit in. This can be attributed to the fact that he is at an awkward stage in his life. Also, even though Holden never says it and profusely denies it, he really wants to fit into society but can't and makes up excuses for this societal void he feels. Throughout the book, Holden also lies to many of the characters to disguise the real reasons of many of his actions. For example, instead of telling a woman he meets on a train that he is going home because he has been kicked out of school, Holden tells her that he needs to go home to have an operation for a deadly tumor. Blanch from ASCND (A Streetcar Named Desire) also...
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