Telephone Past and Present

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In 1862 Thomas Alvin Edison hung a telegraphy line from Port Hudson Railroad station to Port Hudson village and worked in the telegraphy office as he was taught as a child by his father this trade. In 1876-1877 Thomas Edison invented the telephone “button” the carbon transmitter that started telephony’s commercial success

In the 1870’s Alexander Graham Bell and Elisha Gray both invented the telephone, even though they both went to the patent office on the same day Bell arrived first so he was the one to receive the patent on the telephone. This started a legal battle between the two over the invention of the telephone, this legal battle became quite famous but as we know from history Alexander Graham

Bell won the battle and received and maintained his patent on the telephone.

Bell’s experimenting with the telegraphy to improve on it’s uses was how he accomplished the invention of the telephone. Bell’s understanding of sound and music and his great love of communication and the finding and inventing the unknown as well as his desire to improve on communication gave him the idea of sending several messages on the same wire at the same time, and he kept trying and by the process of experimenting and many failures I am sure his ideas worked and he proved he was correct to keep striving at his goal.

He figured out that if you use different pitches that several voice notes could be sent at the same time on one wire.

Belle received his initial financial backing from his future father-in-law Gardiner Green Halberd that he needed to continue his work and get the bugs out. With all an ambitious electrician he had recruited by the name of Thomas Watson they developed a device that could send speech electronically.

On June 2, 1875 Belle heard sound for the first time over a wire. It was the twanging sound of a clock spring.

On March 10, 1876 Alexander Graham bell spoke to his assistant for the first time . His first telephone communication was “Mr. Watson-come here- I want to see you.” Bell’s first United States patent no. was 174,465 issued in 1876 and it was the most valuable patent in history.

The construction of the first telephone line was completed in 1877 reaching from Boston to Somerville Massachusetts, 47,900 telephone lines were hung in the United States by the end of 1880.

In 1877 in Boston Massachusetts the first switchboard was established. Troy Firman got the first patent for the switchboard on January 17, 1882.

In 1889 Almomd Strowger invented the switch that connected 100 telephone lines by using relays and sliders. Almond also was issued the first patent for the automatic telephone exchange in 1891.

The Erickson brothers and Frank Lundguist, ( Inventors of the first dial phone ) joined forces with the Strowger Company in 1893. On April 30, 1901 A.E. Keith and the Ericksons received a patent number 672,942 for a 1000 line telephone trunking system.

Lindquest received his patent for the system that automatically selected a trunk that was idle and not in use in 1901, the patent number he received was 776,524.

The dial phone instead of the push button method phone along with the newly patented trunking systems gave a new access to the telephone exchange resources. R.B. Hill stated “ Dialing a number wound up a spring that’s tension, when the finger was withdrawn, caused the dial to return to its normal position. The return rotation was limited to a moderate speed by an escapement mechanism, and during the return, the required number of circuit interruptions took place to...
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