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Movie Family Analysis

Submit by 2359 Sunday of Week 1.

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Choose a movie from the provided list. Watch the movie, focusing specifically on the family unit featured in the film. Compare and contrast the movie family’s characteristics and behaviors to the assessment criteria introduced in the class notes and readings from the textbook. Address each characteristic including specific examples from the movie to validate your analysis. You must use references (textbook, class notes, others), and these must be cited throughout your paper. Submit your analysis in this document, typed using APA format (double-spaced). Limit is five (5) content pages.

Choose one of these movies:

Father of the Bride
Steel Magnolias
It’s a Wonderful Life
Mrs. Doubtfire
Field of Dreams
Yours, Mine & Ours
Mr. Holland’s Opus
The Horse Whisperer
To Kill a Mockingbird
The Sound of Music

Run Away Bride I am SamThe Notebook
The Last Song


• Explore developmental characteristics of the family as a unit across the lifespan. • Examine health patterns and practices transmitted across generations. Rubric
NOTE: All assignments must be submitted on time. Assignments submitted after the deadline will be accepted with a penalty of 10% of the total possible points for EACH DAY that the assignment is late. |Movie Family Assessment |Target |Acceptable |Unacceptable | | |50 points max |At least 37 points |Less than 32 points | |Introduction |Introduction is present and forecasts |Introduction is present and forecasts |Introduction is present , sketchy, or | |(5 points) |content of the paper. |the content of the paper. |introduction is missing | | |(4-5 points) |(2-3 points) |(0-1 point) | |Movie Setting and Story |Complete description of each major |General description of the major |Incomplete description of the major | |(6 points) |character in the movie family, the |characters in the movie family, the |characters in the movie family, the | | |setting, and the context of the story |setting, and the context of the story |setting, and/or the context of the | | |(5-6 points) |(3-4 points) |story | | | | |(0-2 point) | |Assessment of Movie Family | | | | |Family processes |Complete description of each of these |Complete description of 4 of these |General description of at least 2 | |(20 points) |processes: |processes and general description of 1:|processes and complete description of | | |Sociocultural | |up to 3: | | |Environment |Sociocultural |Sociocultural | | |Communication |Environment |Environment | |...
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