Teen Rebellion: Why Do Youngsters Rebel?

Topics: Adolescence, Alcoholism, Teenage pregnancy Pages: 6 (1808 words) Published: January 22, 2013
I. Introduction
Teen rebellion is a problem that’s been around ever since teenagers have. Almost every teen goes through some sort of rebellious stage in or after the precious years of puberty. It’s a problem that’s caused by a number of attributes, the two main being teenage hormones and attitude. It’s a superiority syndrome that teens get to let the world “adults” know that their views and opinions are not to be reckoned with. And with such a stubborn mindset that teen rebellion comes with, it can sometimes be impossible to tell them otherwise or make them listen to reason

A. Significance of the Study
             This study investigated the impact of parenting style on teenagers’ rebellious behavior. The research was carried out in four schools using an empirical survey design. Out of the population of eleven schools, the sample population of three hundred was conveniently drawn from four schools which were ijaye ojokoro secondary school, Ebenezer secondary school, immaculate grace secondary school and meiran secondary school in Ijaye ojokoro local government in Lagos State. The instrument used to elicit responses from the respondents was a structured questionnaire designed by the researcher. The instrument revealed reliability coefficients of .71 and .76 respectively. Descriptive statistics was used to collate data and interpret the data collated. From the findings, 26.4% teenagers thought it was high time for their parents to know that they are not babies to push about, 38.2% teenagers wants to do want they want to do without their parents dictating to them, 26.7% teenagers hate when their parents dictate the type of clothes they should wear. The demographic variables of the respondents were, 0.7% was within the age range 10-12 years, 62% were within the age range 13-15 years, 35% were within the age range 16-18 years and 1.4% was 19 years. 50.3% were male while 48.3% were female. 84.6% teenagers were from monogamous home, 8.6% teenagers were from polygamous home and 5.3% teenagers were from separated homes. The st udy also revealed that authoritarian and permissive parenting styles have significant effect on the rebellious behavior of teenagers while authoritative parenting style does not have any significant effect on teenagers’ rebellious behavior. Also, there is no difference in the rebellious behavior of male and female respondents.  

A rebellious teenager in a household can cause tremendous stress and disruption in your family life. Shipping your teen to a remote island is unfortunately not a practical solution. Boosting pharmaceutical sales of Prozac can be costly in many ways. A visit from Child Protective Services might bring more harm than expected. Understanding the cause and sharpening our parenting skills might be a better route to take to minimize teenage rebellion. The result can be very rewarding both in the short and long run.

B. Statement of the Problem
1. Why there are teens became rebellious?
           Teenage years are a crucial part of growing up. At this stage, they love to explore things and when they are not permitted to do what they wanted, they will rebel. If parents don't know how to deal with their teens it will be a problem. They will become rebellious at home or even in school if teachers don't know how to handle teen agers, they might be the contributing factors of their rebellious attitude. I had been in close contact with teen agers when I was teaching and I was once, an adviser of a teen club. I know how it feels when dealing with teen agers. They want to prove to adults that they can do things their own way. They don't want to be controlled and be under the demands of anybody. They want a mentor who can understand them and give them chance to prove themselves. (Palladino p.24)  

2. How to manage their behavior?
            Practice an honest form of communication with your teen. Develop a set of rules with well...
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