Teen Pregnancy

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Teen Pregnancy

Today’s Statistics:
Teen pregnancy rate has been on a decline over the past few decades Average teen birth rate decreased 9% from 2009 to 2010, reaching an all time low of 34.3 births per 1,000 women (15-19y) 44% decrease from 1991-2010

About 820,000 teens become pregnant each year
34% of teens have at least one pregnancy before they turn 20 79% of teenagers who become pregnant are unmarried
80% of teenage pregnancies are unintended
The main rise in the teen pregnancy is among girls younger than 15 Close to 25% of teen mothers have a second child within two years of the first birth 80% of teen mothers end up on welfare
50% will end up on welfare during the first year
Daughters of teen mothers are 22% more likely to become teen mothers Son’s of teen mothers have a 13% greater chance of ending up in prison The United States has the highest teen pregnancy rate of the Western industrialized world US has 2x the pregnancy rate as Canada, 4x Germany and France, and 8x Japan US spends $7 billion annually due to costs of teen pregnancy

Impact of Teen Pregnancy (mothers):
33% of teen mothers will get a high school diploma by age 22 Increased drop out rate
By age 30, only 1.5% of teen mothers will have a college degree Emotional distress on teenager and family members
Shame, embarrassment, guilt, depression, denial, sadness, anxiety, fear Poverty
Physical or mental illnesses
Social problems (loss of friends/relationships with peers)
Diminished life expectations
Lack of proper information regarding pregnancy education, nutrition, substance abuse, and complications of pregnancy

Impact of Teen Pregnancy (babies):
Abuse and neglect
Lack of proper medical care
Increased risk of medical complications
Poor performance in school
Low birth-weight babies
Mental retardation
Asthma/breathing problems

How to combat the problem?
Parents form quality relationships with children
Parental closeness, presence, concern, and involvement in...
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