Teen Pregnancy

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Teen Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy is a major issue in the world today. Whether teens are uneducated, having emotional problems, or simply made a mistake, teens need help in preventing pregnancy. Teens should know the consequence of becoming pregnant before the pregnancy, not after. Teenage girls are typically unprepared to care for baby financially, emotionally, and independently.

Rate of pregnancy

There are high rates of getting pregnant. According to an online article titled Eleven Facts About Teen Pregnancy, “750,000 teens get pregnant every year.” This unfortunate amount of teen pregnancies begins before most teens even reach the age of maturity. Statistic on Teen Pregnancy states that, “About twenty percent have had sex before the age of fifteen and four out of ten women get pregnant before the age of twenty.”

The American government spends approximately forty billion dollars to help families that began with a teen birth. The United States had the highest rates of teen pregnancy, births, and abortion in the world. United States teen pregnancy and birth rate double Canada’s. Four times of France and Germany and eight times Japan. Forty percent of pregnancy’s end in miscarriage and one percent end in adoption. Twenty percent of the fathers marry the mother and the other eighty percent pay $800 in child support.


Although abortion is a hard decision for most mothers to make, they are not uncommon. A large amount of pregnant teenage girls resort to abortion. Ninety percent of abortions happen in the first trimester (up to 12 weeks). The procedure is called suction aspiration. That is seven to ten times safer than child birth and is only two day recovery. The procedure is only five minutes. The second trimester is a procedure called dilation & evacuation. Later abortion requires a two to three day process. The last way to abort a baby is the abortion pill, there’s two ways the pill works. First you will take a pill called Mifeprex...
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