Technology isolates people

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Technology isolates people

We can notice from our daily lives that some people are easily and seriously infected by a virus called “technology”. As a computer scientist, I consider technology as being a virus because computers are able to keep me sitting on my chair for 12 hours a day, facing my beautiful monitor and interacting with it, without forgetting the fact that I am ruining my eyesight with the bright light projected from the screen. Technology, in any invention, can change the behaviour of individuals and disconnect them from their environments, making it a relationship murderer.

The first argument that explains why technology isolates people is the relationship that is built between the technological artifact and the individual. From a utilitarian view, technology is considered positive as it makes everyone “happy” with their own inner world. In this case, technology maximizes the “happiness” that one may find in his/her relation with their lovely device. However, although this invention can bring joy to an individual’s life, it has a major drawback on the other hand. Let us illustrate this by the example of the ipod, which has been criticized by Joseph C Pitt in his article “Don’t Talk to Me”. The ipod has a special relationship with each individual who owns it. Some of us consider the ipod as a means of disconnecting from the outside world. In other words, being able to listen only to it and not to others can sometimes make an individuals’ life better by helping him or her avoid the sound of people’s quarrels in downtown for example. The latter ideas might seem appealing, but at the end of the day, this person feels there is a new gap that took place between him or her self and the others. This gap is created because the consumer of the artifact spent the day interacting with his/her electronic device, ignoring the world around him or her. This victim of technology has made his or her life excessively reliant on it, as he or she has more and...

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