Technology in the World

Topics: IPhone, Mobile phone, Apple Inc. Pages: 3 (1037 words) Published: January 24, 2013
In today society technology runs the world. Everywhere you turn to in someone’s hand you will find a computer, IPod, IPad or just some type of technology of any sort. Also compared to times before most children didn’t have access to this type of technology, but kids and students in today society have grown up with this type of technology. Growing up with this technology also makes them more familiar with the technology than their parents. Technology has come a long way, and technology will and always will grow, and continue to gather people’s interest. Technology has came along, including all types of technology like automobiles, cell phones, the technology to build, but the most common technology that almost every human uses is a cell phone, or a computer. The first computer was invented in 1936 and it was called the Z1, it was the first freely programmable computer, but most people didn’t even own this computer there was only a couple even built. As time went on technology advanced and that is how we got a computer that is a little more common, which was the IBM 5100 this computer was the first consumer computer (Bellis), and soon after came the Apple 1. After the first consumer computer was released more people were able to work with the products to create and advance the user interface to make it a better experenice for the user. That is when the computer that we know and use in today’s society was created. Apple Macintosh and the first Windows machines were created in 1984 thru 1985. Now days technology advances even faster, things change from day to day (Bellis). Also in today’s electronical era cell phones has become a big thing one out of two people will have a smart phone or just a phone of some sort. In today’s society most people can’t even go a full day without their cell phone. The first mobile phone created for the automobile and was created in the 1940s. It wasn’t like today’s cell phones, that you can slide right into your...
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