Technology in Society

Topics: Technology, Human, Society Pages: 3 (1033 words) Published: July 31, 2014
Technology in Society
Technology affects the way individuals communicate, learn, and think. It helps create different societies and determines how people interact with others on a daily basis. Technology has both positive and negative affects in shaping our society including the increase or decrease of society’s intellegence. Society is defined as, “the sum of social relationships among human beings” and technology is defined as, “the body of knowledge available to a civilization that is of use in fashioning implements, practicing manual arts and skills, and extracting or collecting materials.” One aspect of technology that has had great impact upon society is mechanical inventions. Before machines were invented everything had to be handmade. Technology is used in everyday life from having clean clothes, to having heat in the winter or a/c in the summer. Instead of washing dishes by hand, we put them in a dishwasher, and instead of walking or riding a bike, we use cars or busses. Technology has dramatically changed society. Technology also has both positive and negative effects in education. Excessive usage of electronic gadgets is weakening people’s memory. Of course, the development of technology has its positive effects on education as classes have become more dynamic between teachers and students with technology. Furthermore, students nowadays can communicate with their teachers and learn all the essential information via the Internet. However, students of the new generations seem to have several significant problems either with writing complete sentences or spelling words because of the frequent usage of text messages. Today’s students are also better at remembering where to look for information rather than remembering the information itself. Besides memory problems, technology usage can trigger serious diseases as well. Health problems caused by modern technology have evolved into an important problem, especially among teenagers. Adolescents pay a high...
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