Technology Essay

Topics: Human, Science, Thought Pages: 1 (382 words) Published: March 19, 2013
There has been an evolving force driving human productivity forward since the beginning of time. It picked up speed, though it was evident and growing in times before, in the 1800’s. This force gave inspiration to and was furthered by many scientists and eventually modern machine technicians over the years. We can find examples of technology dating back as far as Mayan times. Technology is defined as the practical application of knowledge, especially in a particular area. Based on this definition, technology is not by any means limited to computers or electric powered machines. Something so simple as a shovel used to sift up the soil can be constituted as a technological advancement. Beginning with tools so simple as this, the knowledge of the human race has been carried so far as the giant machines and super computers we possess today. The very thought of the progress from little tools to the technological wonders of this age is truly amazing. However, there is a bit of a downside to technological advancement. Though it has helped us build skyscrapers and taken us into space, it has also brought the human race many shortcuts that can be considered a stumbling block to the discipline in our lives. Think of those who are physically challenged (instead of crippled)(euphemism), without wheelchairs and muscle regeneration technology, their lives would be considerably worse (sentence optional if below “devastation” doesn’t count \/\/\/). In 1829, the first typewriter replaced handwritten manuscripts, and in 1981 the first model of a PC one-upped (idiom/dialect) typewriters (whole sentence=dogma). On a much larger level altogether, however, is the immense level of destruction possible through the technology relating to missiles and nuclear science. If you think about it, technology, when applied to the world as a whole, is good for bad on one hand, yet bad for good on the other (antithesis). Despite the fact that it makes vast devastation possible, one...
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