Technology Equal the Loss of Privacy

Topics: Social network service, Mobile phone, Internet Pages: 3 (545 words) Published: May 9, 2012
DBS/POSB account user got hit by unauthorized withdrawals It was found that the anti-skimming device has been breached in two ATMs. Information by Yahoo News
Digital Age
Increase in advance technology
What are the threat and benefit of technology
Yes, technology does equal to loss of personal privacy.
Preview of 3 Arguments
Internet : Social networks
Mobile Phone : Smart Phone
ATM card, ATM
Argument 1
Social Networks
More people use social network like facebook, twitter or myspace. Personal information is needed when signing up
Personal information is shown to other user they follow
Third-party application with security issue
leaving privacy settings as default ‘open’ – 41% of children aged 8-17 who had a visible profile had their profile set so that it was visible to anyone (Children, young people and online content quantitative research) 44% of adults who had a current profile said their profile could be seen by anyone6 (this was more likely among those aged 18-24) (Adult Media Literacy Audit 2008);  25% of registered social networking users had posted sensitive personal data about themselves on their profiles. This included details such as their phone number, home address or email address. (Ofcom social networking sites research/Get Safe Online Report 2007). Younger adults are even more likely to do this, with 34% of 16-24 year olds willingly posting this information; (Ofcom social networking sites research/Get Safe Online Report 2007). Argument 2

Smart Phone
More people own a smart phone
Over a quarter of adults (27%) and almost half of teenagers (47%) now own a smart phone Able to locate where you are
iPhone 33.9% of free applications had the capability to access location(Statistic from LookOut Mobile Security – Mobile Threat Report) 28.2% of free apps in the Android Market had the capability to access location(Statistic...
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