Technology and Science in Japan

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Technology and science in Japan

The technology industry is composed of companies producing electronic components, scientific and technical instruments, computer hardware and software, and computer services. It is a very fast paced, competitive industry in which innovation is the key to success.

The technology industry employs a relatively large workgroup engaged in sales and promotion, as the success of a new or improved product depends heavily upon consumers being aware of, and interested in, the item. While most of the sales for this industry occur in developed countries, most of the production of computer hardware takes place in emerging countries where manufacture and assembly costs are lower.

The Technology industry is Highly Concentrated. The production in this industry is dominated by a small amount of large firms that are able to shape the industry’s direction and price levels.

History of Japanese science and technology

In the ancient time the country developed under the influence of strong cultures of the next neighbors — China and Korea, but in the middle of the XVI century began a trade with Europeans, in particular, with Spain and Portugal.

Then the desicion on policy of an isolationism was adopted, trade relations were maintained only with China and Holland.

The European science nevertheless got into Japan. But the authorities of Japan at first considered this knowledge dangerous. The translation of the Dutch books was strictly monopolized and was carried out by a narrow circle of specially trained translators. The main areas of studying included geography, the medicine, natural sciences, astronomy, art, foreign languages, studying of the electric phenomena and mechanics.

In 1868 emperor Mutsukhito opened borders of Japan for Europeans. Japanese received a set of new data on natural sciences, a world structure, space and functions of a human body for a small interval of time.

Japanese economic miracle 50 — 60th years —lifting in national economy after defeat in World War II, also is caused by science development. Thanks to opening and development of Japanese scientists, and also large-scale purchases of technologies and patents abroad, the country very quickly became one of the most significant figures in the world market. In 30 years, since 1949 Japan got in total 34 thousand licenses and patents at the western colleagues.

Today the science of Japan takes the advanced positions in the field of new technologies. Having considered past experience, the country uses the majority of the development for improvement of quality of life of people and environment protection. New, environmentally clear engines for cars, robots and the effective medicines facilitating life of incapacitated citizens are created and improved, energy carriers and valuable metals are saved and reused.

Electronic in Japan

Japan is well known for its automotive and electronics industries throughout the world, and Japanese electronic products account for a large share in the world market, compared to a majority of other countries.

Japan has large international corporates such as Fuji, Sony, Panasonic, Canon, Nikon, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Sharp, NEC, Epson, Toshiba

Automotive companies: Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi and Subaru

Japanese robotics

Types of robots:

-Humanoid Entertainment Robots (ASIMO, manufactured by Honda; QRIO, by Sony; HOAP (Humanoid for Open Architecture Platform), Manufactured by Fujitsu; Toyota Partner Robot, manufactured by Toyota; EMIEW, by Hitachi)

-Androids (Actroid, a realistic female robot demonstrated most prominently at Expo 2005 in Japan; Hanako, a humanoid robot designed for dentist training; HRP-4C, a humanoid robot with a realistic head and the average figure of a young Japanese female)

-Social robots (PaPeRo; Paro, a robot baby seal intended for therapeutic purposes; Wakamaru)

-Domestic robots (SmartPal V, manufactured by Yaskawa Electric...
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