Technology and Learning

Topics: Education, Generation Y, Future Pages: 3 (925 words) Published: April 18, 2011
Technology and Learning
Technology provides our world with easy information in an instant. This helps everyone stay more in touch with what goes on in countries half way across the world as well as helping students with research for homework and projects. However, it can also be a distraction from our work and inhibit our children’s learning. The major question educators are asking is “how do we keep technology from ending the genius of our world and instead help the genius grow?” Schools need to consider how to connect with the new generation of students and their families, how to make us think about the future, and learning from sources other than only technology when deciding wether to implement technology into their curriculum.

In today’s world, our daily lives are spent around cell phones, computers, television, and music players. So when our learning generation spends so much times around technology, how do we connect to them with paper books, pen and paper work sheets, and droning lectures? Our generation, filled with flashing images, booming music, and books that we can watch in the theater, will be bored and unwilling to learn from these old fashion teaching methods. Some “pioneering teachers” are leading the way to the solution of connection. These educators put assignments online, use electronic forums, and pass out PDAs for science experiments (source B). These teachers have found a way to interest this generation into learning again. With this use of technology, parents can get more involved in their children’s learning and look online for their grades, email teachers, and look at power points of important school activities and information their children may have “forgot” to mention. This way, the generation will be more pushed to become better than the older generations, to learn and achieve more.

Technology breaks time down into tiny segments. This generation thinks in minutes and seconds in the here and now. We see life from the calories we...
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