Technology and Crime Analysis

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Technology and Crime Analysis

Crime is not as random as it appears and crime mapping is the start of crime analysis. A variety of factors are in play with any crime or series of crimes and if we can find those clues or factors it will help find the offender. Crime mapping is using information to identify the problem and solve it by analysis. Crime analysis is basically just problem solving. There are different ways of problem solving and analysis of the problem is part of the method. One of the most used problem solving methods used by police is Scanning–Analysis–Response–Assessment (SARA). The steps used by SARA are scanning, analysis, and response is a lot like crime analysis. Police departments that don’t conduct crime analysis are not as likely to be involved in community-oriented policing.

Situational crime prevention
‘Situational crime prevention’ or ‘target hardening’ is an important part of police activity at the local level. Installation of CCTV systems covering car, lorry or bicycle parks, football stadiums and public transport stations, the indelible marking of property and the installation of security gates to prevent access to the rear of terraced blocks of housing are a few examples of the methods used to improve prospects of identifying (and thereby deterring) car thieves, vandals, terrorists, house burglars and other offenders. Inside some areas it is possible to monitor recorded crime levels quite carefully. This makes it possible to design experiments to measure the impact of specific crime prevention measures. Often there are complications like crime displaced to adjoin areas, different types of offences and underestimating crime reduction effects, since not all crime is reported. But in essence such settings enable reasonable estimates to be made of the returns from projects in terms of their crime reduction effect. Routine activity theory

“Routine Activity Theory” provides a simple and powerful insight into the...

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