Technology and Civilization

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Ethics of Technology in Present Society
Technology means the systematic application of scientific or other organized knowledge to practical tasks. Its most important consequence, at least for the purpose of economics ,is in forcing the and subdivision of any such task into its components parts.(Galbraith,1974,p.31) Technology is one of the most important factor in human life. It would be very difficult life without all these facilities. It becomes part of human lives. It has played very important role in all aspect of life and one of them is civilization. Technology is one of the driving forces behind civilization. It was technology that help to advance agricultural and grow houses. People were living in caves and using animals skins to protect themselves from weather. There was no proper irrigation system and agricultural was not developed. The earliest civilization did not arise in fertile rain watered lands in the temperature zone. Instead ,they began in dry or desert regions where water came from a river, a lake ,or a swamp. Farmers who grew corps on the very banks of the river or the shores of the lake or swamp were always at the mercy of devastating floods or droughts. when they succeeded in controlling water, however ,the results were spectacular. The place where the first civilization arose was Iraq, a land the Greeks called Mesopotamia, the “land between the rivers” Tigris and Euphrates .The valley has good alluvial soil but is difficult but if difficult to farm. It is very hot and dry in the summer and cold and dry in the winter. Although little rain reached the valley, in spring water rushes down the from mountains to the east and north when the snows melt.

The river carry a great deal of silt that gradually raises them above the surrounding plains until they overflow their banks in devastating floods. All the peoples of the region told legends of the flood, most famously the Hebrew story of Noah’s Ark told in the Bible(Genesis5-9) (Technology A Word History page 18 by David R Headrick) Around 1900 BCE ,people living along the costal rivers began digging canals, some of them more than 50 miles long, to bring water and mutrient rich silt to ever larger areas of land. Formers started to use fertilizer for corps. Technology has help for the advancement of agricultural. Now there are canals and dams for storage of water. These developments include genetic advancements in the livestock industry, bio-tech agronomic advancements (the implementation of genetically modified organisms in crops), the use of GPS technology in agricultural equipment, and the use of agricultural byproducts in alternative fuel sources. There are research centers which plays a big role to improve production by introducing new seeds. Agricultural now a days is big industry as compare to old days. There are new and developed techniques applied to increase production. Technology helps to build road and bridges that connect cities .It reduces distance between cities and country. There are rail and bus service that can transport people to their destiny by using less time as compare to old days . Now thousand miles of distance can be done in hours instead of weeks and months .

Technology has a big role for advancement of medical field. It helps people to improve their health and live better life. By using technology it becomes easy for diagnosing process. Before the use of technology, it was difficult and time taking process to find out the disease. Now it takes couple hours for diagnostic process and medical treatment started right away. There are different types of machines that plays very important role in medical department. All these new technology make patients life less pain full. For the heart patient who has blockage in their valves by using Electrocardiogram can help to determine how much is blockage. Kidney patients has not to go surgery for removal of stone in their tube. It can be blast by using lithotripsy...

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