Teaching and Learning Styles

Topics: Education, Kinesthetic learning, Learning Pages: 4 (1109 words) Published: September 9, 2011
TEACHING STYLE – individual teachers’ distinctive or characteristic manner of teaching. LEARNING STYLE - are simply different approaches on ways of learning. 4 TYPES OF TEACHER
Authoritarian Teacher
Permissive Teacher
Detached Teacher
Authoritative Teacher
Authoritarian Teaching Style
Permissive Teaching Style
Detached Teaching Style
Authoritative Teaching Style

Teaching Styles
1. Authoritarian Teaching Style
- The authoritarian teacher is often described by students as screamer. This teacher expects children to obey and when they don’t, this type of teacher has little management abilities beyond constant yelling at the students to get back in line.

-Very little is allowed past this teacher as every little infraction is caught and disciplined.
- Students may obey this teacher but most out of fear, and the teacher will blame the discipline problems in class on the students. 2. Permissive Teaching Style
- Is one who really just wants to be friends with her students. She may plead with students to raise their hand or follow other single rules, but does not have a firm discipline plan in place.
-While students may say they like this type of teacher, when it comes down to difficulty, students know that the teacher will not take care of a problem and will often try to take matters into their own hands as a result. 3. Detached Teaching Style

- Is one who really does not care. This teacher has become desentisized to the discipline problems and may not even care what kind of grades her students receive in class.
- She will sit behind her desk while students are working and grade papers during class or when on duty.
- There is no emotional support or behavioral management from detached teacher.
- This teacher is often the result of an illness or depression. 4. Authoritative Teaching Style
- Is one who has an orderly classroom, a strong discipline plan and is caring and...
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