Topics: Scientific management, Management, Time and motion study Pages: 4 (1053 words) Published: February 12, 2014
1.1 Introduction
This essay is going to discuss about Taylor’s scientific approach to management and technique which are widely accepted by contemporary managers. Furthermore, it will look at how Taylor’s technique is applied to management nowadays.

1.2 Review of Article
In the research, Locke had used different resources to support the ideas toward the Taylorism. Taylor’s technique like time and motion study, standardisation, money bonus, individualised work and scientific selection are discussed in the journal. The article shows how it work well toward the management and increase in productivity. For example, Locke (1982) had shown in the journal article that Taylor indicated shorter working hours and rest pauses can reduced workers’ fatigue and more work would be accomplished. (p. 17)

Although scientific management had made a huge improvement in management, Locke had still collected different resources about criticisms of Taylorism from other authors, who are professional in area of management. For example, “Taylor stated that what return the worker want most is money” (Locke, 1982, p. 16). However, “Taylor is criticized for having oversimplified view of human motivation” (Locke, 1982, p. 18). Thus, Locke had used own opinion and other professor’s research to support Taylor’s scientific approach toward management.

2.1 Key Theme of Taylorism
Time and motion study is one of Taylor’s scientific techniques for management. Kulesza, Weaver, Friedman (2011) indicated that observing the movement of production worker by using stopwatch, Taylor had used those information to generate a new movement that can improve efficiency. This movement was called as “one best way” because it has eliminated the unnecessary motion. (Locke, 1982, p. 15) “Standardisation of tools and machinery was Taylor’s intention to forming a manufacturing headquarters.” (Nyland, 1996, p. 986). Tools were designed to fit worker, therefore worker will be using tools...
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